In the News

HAMO In the News

“Help A Mother Out Interview with Xavier The X-Man,” Magic 92.5 FM, San Diego (5/24/09) CLICK here to download MP3

“Help A Mother Out – Point, Click, and Give,” Recession Daily (5/11/09)

“Help A Mother Out This Mother’s Day,” (5/06/09)

“Help A Mother Out!” Daily Buzz @ (5/06/09)

Mother’s Day & Help A Mother Out Interview, KGO Newstalk Radio 810 AM (5:45pm time slot 5/04/09)

“Help A Mother Out!” Bitch Magazine (5/04/09)

“Help A Mother Out: A Cool Non-Profit,” Cubes & Crayons (4/30/09)

“Won’t You Help a Mother Out,” (4/30/09)

You can also read more about what people are saying about HAMO here.


One response to “In the News

  1. WOW HAMO! Way to get the word out.

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