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Craig is totally checking us out

As longtime users and fans of Craigslist, we’re honored and thrilled by this shout-out on Craig Newmark’s blog. Over the past 15 years, Craigslist has touched practically every aspect of my life: I’ve gotten awesome freelance gigs, rented swell apartments, purchased and sold a car, found the world’s best babysitter… I, like many of my peers, can’t imagine modern life without it.

We all know about the multitude of classified ads on Craigslist, but not as many people know about the cool civic-engagement work being undertaken by the Craigslist Foundation, or about Craig’s own advocacy on behalf of a number of progressive causes. They’re doing cool stuff, and we’re pretty darn proud that they think we’re doing cool stuff too.


Thank You From Brighter Beginnings!

Brighter Beginnings Staff With Donated Diapers

Brighter Beginnings Staff With Donated Diapers

Thank you to all of our readers and supporters who purchased diapers for Brighter Beginnings! Because diapers are the HIGHEST NEED, and in such short supply, Brighter Beginnings must ration out their supply to ONLY THREE  diapers per emergency case! Because of YOU, our friends at Brighter Beginnings were able to help many of the families who came to them for help in Oakland, Antioch, and Richmond.

We wanted to share with you the following communication we received from our friends at Brighter Beginnings to let you know how we made an IMPACT.

Emergency service resources are always in short supply for families without financial means, but in recent months the need has increased dramatically. Local food bank resources are low, and money that may have been going to basic needs is now going toward food.  Families receiving public assistance have only a few hundreds dollars every month to make ends meet, including rent, utilities, and household needs, and working families are struggling just as hard.  One of the most expensive items in a home with a baby is diapers. This spring, Brighter Beginnings has seen the need for diapers at least triple, especially toward the end of the month when money isn’t stretching as far as it used to and parents are forced to make tough choices.

Rosa, a client with a 22 month old and a newborn, was unable to purchase diapers until she received her paycheck, which was eleven days away.  Andrea, who has 6 month old twins, was just a few days away from the first of the month, but had to choose between diapers and the utilities bill, which was already late.  Sammy, a single dad with a 14 month old daughter, was just laid off and has no savings.

Brighter Beginnings was able to help these parents and more get through a few more days with the generous donations through Help a Mother Out, which provided over 1800 diapers and over 30 packs of wipes to our agency with this Mother’s Day campaign.  While these donations will help in the short-run, the need for emergency diapers is ongoing.

WE DID HELP A MOTHER OUT in a PRACTICAL and DIRECT way. Thank you EAST BAY folks, for being a part of our community campaign!

NOTE: HAMO’s current diaper tally for Brighter Beginnings clocks in at 2802 diapers. This only counts diapers donated via the Amazon.com wishlist.

As of May 27, 2009 our estimated TOTAL diaper count was 12, 154. We will have a more complete update and tally for our May donation campaign efforts in mid June.

Thank You from Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco

HPP Staff with diapers! Keep it coming!

HPP Staff with diapers! Keep it coming!

To all the folks who have purchased items via Amazon.com for Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP) in San Francisco, we just wanted to let you know that the diapers, wipes, and other supplies, are arriving everyday! Here is a personal note from our main contact there, Ms. Rebecca.

“The packages are still coming!  And in great numbers!  Your drive is such a success for us at HPP.  We have so many diapers and wipes right now that we don’t have to worry about running out and  telling mothers that we don’t have diapers, or even a diaper, for their children.  Can you imagine telling this to a family?  The worst thing is knowing that a child does not have a clean diaper.  This is not a problem right now, because the successful Help a Mother Out Drive is supporting HPP families by giving the community an easy way to give diapers, wipes, and other essential hygiene needs to families who are struggling.  Thank you.”

HPP’s Executive Director and Founder, Martha Ryan, previously told us that they are seeing more families who are having to make the choice between FOOD or DIAPERS. This is San Francisco, one of the richest parts of the world.

BECAUSE OF YOU, HPP does not have to tell a family that they have NO DIAPERS to give them for emergencies. Because of YOU, HPP has practical supplies for their tiniest clients.

THANK YOU for your help in MAKING A BIG DIFFERENCE in the lives of San Francisco families.

Remember, HPP is just ONE of the agencies we have been trying to help in communities around the state. Stay tuned for more updates!

Miss K Raises $177 to Purchase Diapers for Brighter Beginnings

Miss K and her bake sale friend

Miss K and her bake sale friend

Breaking News from HAMO headquarters: High school freshman and micro-philanthropist, Miss K raised $177.00 worth of diaper funds for Brighter Beginnings at her recent high school bake sale.  That roughly equals 1,020 LUVS diapers OR 560 Seventh Generation diapers (via BB Amazon.com wishlist).

BIG Thanks and congratulations to Miss K for Helping Some Mothers Out! We hope your story inspires other young people to contribute their gifts to the cause! Remember to bring some brownies over next time you come to babysit!

Via Miss K:

Last week I decided to host a bake sale to raise money for Brighter Beginnings, one of the non profit agencies that Help A Mother Out is working with. It took a while to set up, I had to make announcements and post fliers around the campus of my school.

I asked my friends to help me sell and bake good at the three bake sales i held that week. The first time around, a Monday, we made the most money, a little over $70. The next two bake sales raised around $100. The experience was so rewarding and absolutely tasty, everybody loved the food and my friend and I enjoyed the baking.

Please take a moment to congratulate  Miss K by posting a comment below.

Calling All San Luis Obispo Peeps

Do you know anyone down in San Luis Obispo? CalPoly students and college alumni? Mommy bloggers, grandmas, extended family, church folk, local media? If so, we could sure use your help getting the word out about collecting diapers, travel toiletries, etc.

During our big Mother’s Day donation push and chaos, we quietly added another wonderful day center to our May Donation Campaign (through MAY 31st): The Prado Day Center. We met them through the Twitterverse (@friendsofprado is tweeps with @hardlynormal).

From their website: The Prado Day Center is the only day center serving the homeless population in the region. Every day, between 90 to 120 people seek refuge and assistance at the Center and over 30 percent of the Center’s participants are now women and children.

Check out the details here. Download the local flyer here.

The Prado Day Center Amazon.com wishlist here. GO ON, CLICK IT and then SHIP IT DIRECT.

DROP OFF diapers and other hygiene products at the local YMCA:  San Luis Obispo County YMCA 1020 Southwood Drive, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Mother, can you spare some time? Local folks interested in volunteering at the Prado Day Center – they are located in town at: 43 Prado Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Phone: (805) 786-0617  . Tell them we sent you.

Happy Mother’s Day To All!

BIG THANK YOU to all of you who honored that special mom in your life, with a gift in kind donation via our Amazon.com wishlists. Together we have already made a very PRACTICAL, DIRECT, and BIG difference in the lives of homeless and very low income mothers and their babies this Mother’s Day. PLEASE TELL US how the gift card went over with mom and POST A COMMENT below. The Amazon.com wishlist delivery process is working and supplies have already begun helping out mothers-in-need across the state.

THANKS to all of our friends, family, colleagues, fellow bloggers, Facebook friends, Tweeps, and the folks at KGO Newstalk Radio AM810, who helped us out with spreading the word  about our Mother’s Day gift card offer.

DONATE THROUGH MAY 31ST: If you are just learning about us and our drive, it is NOT TOO LATE to get in on the fun. You can still participate in our VIRTUAL DIAPER DRIVE, HOST A DRIVE, or DONATE IN PERSON in your own community.

CHECK OUT other ways to help us out in MAY by reading this.

MAKE IT FUN! Involve the kids in the donation. Have them help you collect items from your own household and take them with you to drop them off.

Calling All Dads

Won’t your wife be amazed on Mother’s Day when you tell her you have donated some much needed baby supplies to a great local organization? You need to email us helpamotherout at gmail (dotcom) by Midnight, May 8th.

Go on, click through to Amazon.com —->