15,000 Diapers!

Diapers galore, by tangobaby.
I think it’s safe to say that our May Diaper Donation Drive was a smashing success: In one month, our supporters donated 15,000 diapers to families in need, plus thousands of travel-sized toiletries and baby wipes. For reference, the photo above shows about 1,500 diapers collected just from drop bins at Natural Resources and SadieDey’s Cafe. Ten times that number is a veritable mountain of diapers. Thanks to the ease of Amazon wishlists, generous folks from around the country were able to participate by simply pointing, clicking, and donating diapers directly to the agency of their choice. In San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, busy parents took time out of their days to drop off diapers and other supplies at collection bins that were frequently overflowing.
We at Help A Mother Out have been awed and overwhelmed by the response to what began as a modest Mother’s Day donation drive. When we first set up Amazon.com wishlists for a couple agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area, we had no idea that we would garner supporters statewide, let alone nationwide; we had no idea that we would tap into an inspiring, energizing network of folks across the state  and the country advocating on behalf of poor families; we had no idea we would recruit allies and volunteers from around the world to help us help some mothers out.
Sorting supplies in San Francisco, originally uploaded by tangobaby.
Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who donated and spread the word, and especially to the following cheerleaders, collaborators, and co-conspirators:

6 responses to “15,000 Diapers!

  1. This is great! Congratulations on your success and good luck for the future. Love seeing such positive results from grass roots action!

  2. Deldelp Medina

    I have been forwarding this great news to everyone I know. Lets keep up the momentum! Three big cheers to Lisa and Rachel.

  3. Such an awesome post and I’m thrilled to have been a small part of your day… I look forward to more of the same and will post on my blog about your big success!

  4. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Brighter Beginnings staff and clients are overjoyed with the response! You’ve made a huge difference – to help our young families in this great time of need.

  5. Great stuff and fabulous pictures.

  6. Colleen Rivecca

    I was happy to help out, and had a wonderful time with you guys!

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