CA Safety-Net Program Cuts: Tell Us Your Story!

“A society in crisis should not throw women, children, and seniors overboard first.” ~ California Assemblymember Noreen Evans

This week there does not seem to be a whole lot of media coverage regarding the Governor’s proposed program cuts. Thank you San Jose Mercury News and the Los Angeles Times for practicing real journalism and covering the story.

Are you a parent who will be directly effected IF the state’s safety-net programs CalWORKS or Healthy Families are CUT out of the budget? Please TELL US YOUR STORY by posting a comment HERE (you can post anonymously).  We want to hear REAL STORIES from REAL FAMILIES on how this will directly change your life.

Per California Assemblymember Noreen Evans’ budget blog, here is a partial list of services that will be effected should the cuts happen:

· Elimination of the CalWORKs program;
· Elimination of the Healthy Families Program;
· Eliminating certain Medi-Cal state-only programs;
· Elimination of community based services programs at the Department of Aging;
· Eliminate State funding for Community Care Licensing;
· Elimination of remaining General Fund for Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health;
· Elimination of funding for community clinic programs, such as Rural Health Services and the Seasonal and Agricultural and Migratory work programs;
· Elimination of funding for drug treatment programs established by the voters through Proposition 36;
· Reducing in-home supportive services eligibility and care provider pay;
· Reducing funding for foster care rates; and
· Reducing SSI/SSP monthly payments benefiting the aged and disabled to the minimum allowed under federal law.

Dear readers, please forward this post to anyone who may want to share their story.


4 responses to “CA Safety-Net Program Cuts: Tell Us Your Story!

  1. Deldelp Medina

    Wow, I don’t even know where to start. These are scary times, all we can do is put our grain of sand. Volunteer, give, vote, call your representative.
    We are in charge not the system, not our representatives.
    Fight for your rights.

  2. My oldest is losing Healthy Families already when she turns 19 in July. As a student w/ a part time job, how/where will she get adequate health coverage?

    Youngest would have nothing if Healthy Families is cut.

    I haven’t had health insurance since I was divorced. Every job I’ve gotten has denied health coverage to my position. Some school districts self insure–if I understand correctly, everyone pays but those who are not covered per their contract get nothing from this.

    If I get health coverage I can afford (catastrophic), I still have to pay for everything out of pocket. If I ever needed to use catastrophic, I would be eligible for Medi-cal once I paid the deductible!

  3. Good. Make the cuts. Cal-works doesnt work. Chaos may arise for a time but in the end a reform of the broken social services programs of california will have to happen. The aftermath will be the wake-up call to the government and citizens. You cannot make yourself dependent on your government. We need to revert and use methods of self sufficiency that were more healthy and successful than our current situation.

    Possibly get ready for all out economic collapse here in redding.

    My suggestion. Learn to cultivate your own food and find your own shelter because it may very well come down to your survival skills. above all else look after the disabled and elderly and the children.

  4. Hi my name is Vanessa I am a singel mother of 7
    children ages between 11 and 3. I am working full time and going to school part time for medical billing i will graguate in 03/10 I am reciving calworks and just found out that i no longer am able to recive ccrc child care and that i will no longer be working due to cut backs .I opend my mail box to find out that i am only going to recive $125.00 a month from the welfare dept. due to crisis i do not know what to due and i breaks my heart when my children ask for steak or chicken and I have not enough money yet alone food stamps i was reciving $600 in food stamps and now only $240 i dont know what to do rent is due bills r pilled up i dont sleep at night and in the day just cry i will be in the streets very soon and my children r the the ones who suffer but only god knows what will happen hopfully a mirical will happen for us and any family that has the same or worse situation thank you

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