Leave It to the Big O, Again!

via People Magazine

via People Magazine

Did anyone catch the Big O show last week on Heroes in Hard Times? Whether you watch the Big O show or not, you should check it out to catch some great ideas and inspiration on how YOU can help out others in these dire economic times (Hey YOU, buy some diapers!).The Big O partnered with People Magazine to highlight these amazing everyday people who saw a need in their own communities, and tried to fill it.

The stories highlighted in the show include a doctor who started a free clinic for his small working-class town; the owner of an auto repair shop who started a non-profit that donates refurbished cars to struggling families, and a little girl (pictured above) who started a charity to collect socks for the homeless.

The take away from these stories is that we ALL can help out in one way or another when we start at a place that we know. We started with diapers (recent tally 12, 154 as of 5/24/09).

How about you? What is a need you see that needs to be filled? Do you have a story of an everyday hero in your own community? Tell us about it here.


2 responses to “Leave It to the Big O, Again!

  1. Yeah on the diaper total. That is a lot of butts covered.

    Hey isn’t Father’s Day coming up? Is it time for me to donate diapers instead of a useless beer or bike related gift for my honey, or soccer thingee for my dad? The girl can draw them a picture of something instead.

  2. We are quietly rolling out the gift card offer for honoring birthdays or baby showers. Great for that special someone who has everything, including a new baby, or one on the way!

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