Katie Couric’s Spotlight on the Kids


For once, some good news—or at least, some good work by the news media. Spearheaded by Katie Couric, CBS is running a weeklong series devoted to Children of the Recession. Bookended by reports on the Early Show and the Evening News, the series is featuring original reporting from multiple vantage points. Thus far, segments have covered foster care, the psychological impact on children of the recession, rising rates of child abuse and neglect, and how to talk to  kids about the economy. Tonight’s report will be on homeless children.

In an interesting strategic twist, Katie Couric has been reaching out to blogging mothers to seek input on angles to cover, personal anecdotes, and programs that are making a difference. It’s a remarkable effort to get the word out, but also to seek on-the-ground stories and, with any luck, draw attention to the many people and organizations who are trying to mitigate the damages. (Pssst, Katie—we’re available for interviews any time…)

Have you seen any of the segments? What did you think? And what else do you think CBS should cover in the series?


2 responses to “Katie Couric’s Spotlight on the Kids

  1. Katie, you should definitely talk to these guys. In times like this, providing ways to make us feel like that each of us can make a difference easily is prime. HAMO is a wonderful example of how individuals can instigate change. Plus diapers, big issue that people don’t realize. Please talk to them.

  2. At the rate you guys are going, I’m sure Katie will be in touch with you soon. 😉

    HAMO is such a great organization and they deserve to be noticed for their efforts.

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