Bay Area Diaper Bank – CLOSED

We just learned from one of our south bay agencies that the Bay Area Diaper Bank recently closed after only a year in service. This is very sad because the agencies they were working with (in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties) are now out of a consistent diaper supply for their clients.

Even if you don’t wish to donate via our administered wishlists, please remember that there are agencies in your own town that could really use diapers. Here is a link to diaper banks around the country.

HAMO donation drive: OPEN PACKAGES of diapers and feminine hygiene products are GREAT! If your baby recently upgraded to a larger size, please save the smaller diapers! To donate: Keep them in their original packaging or in a labeled ziploc bag. Drop off at one of our drop off locations.


2 responses to “Bay Area Diaper Bank – CLOSED

  1. Very sad news indeed.

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