Bake Sale For Brighter Beginnings



Breaking news from HAMO headquarters:

Lisa’s very own “mother’s helper,” high school freshman, Miss K. will be hosting a bake sale at her high school next week. The bake sale will benefit Brighter Beginnings, one of our partnering agencies. Miss K came up with the bake sale idea as a way to raise funds to purchase supplies off Brighter Beginnings wishlist. She figured that she probably wouldn’t yield much from her classmates by asking them to bring in their parents’ hotel soaps, or um, bring diapers to school, but she really wanted to support HAMO’s May Donation Drive.

We think this is a fabulous and inspiring idea! Thank you, Miss K, for thinking “outside the box,” when it comes to helping others out in your own community.

Miss K has promised us photos from the bake sale. Stay tuned!


3 responses to “Bake Sale For Brighter Beginnings

  1. Go Miss K.! Great thinking. Baked goods are the way to this girl’s heart, and pocket book.

  2. Miss K, you’re an inspiration! If you happen to have any baked goods left over, let us know, will ya? 🙂

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