Calling SF Bay Area Business Owners, Bloggers, eCommerce Folks

Image from CosmoGirl

Image from CosmoGirl

Calling all SF Bay Area, Sacramento and San Diego business owners, Bloggers, Tweeters, eCommerce folks, and beyond:

Would you like to support a local organization working directly with homeless/low income mothers-in-need? If so, please consider a tax deductible gift-in-kind donation to one of the organizations we are working with. Purchase items off of one of our administered wishlists (look to the RIGHT —>), email us (helpamotherout at gmail dot com) the proof, and let us publicly THANK YOU on Mother’s Day right here on Help A Mother Out’s website.

Check out the virtual donation drive here.

Buy moms-in-need something they can REALLY use. Do it directly. Do it TODAY.

And then you can say you knew us before we were “kinda a Big Deal.” ACT by Midnight May8th.


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