Can you help this mother out, San Francisco?

Here is a local story that we were made aware of by All the shelters are full in the city. It appears that Mama K has found temporary shelter in a motel. If you are a local and can help Mama K find a job and/or home for herself and her three children (including 2 month old Baby M), please read the updates on Tangobaby’s blog and contact her at Sadly, Mama K’s story is increasingly common, even in our bubble by the bay.

As a side note: it was pretty hard for us to find adequate information about homeless shelters and other social services on the Internet. Imagine trying to do this with 3 kids in tow on the streets.


3 responses to “Can you help this mother out, San Francisco?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this story with your readers. I hope we all can do what we can to make sure that this beautiful family is safe and happy.

  2. Tangobaby: We will continue to follow Mama K’s story. Please keep us posted. If there is anything that we can do in terms of resource/information sharing please let us know!

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